Welcome to Webster Media.  I’ve always loved sitting with family and friends reminiscing over old photographs or watching old videos with the clicking sound of the projector in the background masked by love and laughter. Now I have the opportunity to help others capture these same types of memories in the style of cinematography while using the latest industry standard forms of technology.  Having a family of my own has given me the perspective of how important memories are. I hope to provide you with a film that re-invokes those same feelings you had on your special day while sharing them with your friends and family.



These are not my videos.  However, these are some videos and cinematographers who I pull inspiration from greatly.  With my first wedding coming in July of 2017, I plan to shoot with the following styles in mind. What I admire most is the framing of the subjects. Also, the intertwining of audio with visual elements both in music and in monologue.  I also love the cinematic style of storytelling for the day.  You should expect the same quality for your wedding cinema film. Here is a following link that I also use for creative inspiration: love24fps