New Website Coming

I have neglected this site for a while.  I’ve been working in the background creating a new website for my growing business.  Please be patient with me as I promise the move to a new website will be soon and well worth the wait.  All of my pricing information is still accurate.  Also, I do offer services related to creating corporate videos, business spotlights.  Included in my services is website and social media consultations.  I am your one stop resources for everything related to media.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to our future partnership.

Patient & Diligent

As I am trying to grow my business, I’m reminded by the great Gary Vaynerchuck to be patient.  I’m bursting at the seems to get out there and show the world what I can do.  I need to stay grounded in the grind and keep chopping wood.  Learn, create, publish, repeat.  Work will come.  That being said.  I’m shooting as a second camera this weekend in Palm Coast, FL and just booked a gig with the Florida Athletic Coaches Association.  I’m feeling blessed and fortunate to be able to do something I have a deep passion for!

Laying Groundwork

I am pouring through countless hours of music tracks for the purpose of mentally cataloging ideas for current and future projects.  I feel very fortunate that with technology I have resources like Art List and MusicBed to help me.  Audio is the soul to any film.  Of course, this introduces the age-old question of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”.   You have to be careful with film as to not anchor the story to a specific song or visual.  With film, audio and video serendipitously meet to make the perfect match.  I get to play match maker!

Launched Two Websites This Week

I just launched two websites this week!  It has been an awesome journey consulting with these two companies.

I get extremely excited after a launch of a site.  I spend many spend many hours conversing and consulting with clients.  it certainly is gratifying when the site is finally launched and I hear the excitement in my clients voice.  I can’t wait to meet my next client.

Re-Branding & Website

Currently working on a website rebuild as well as rebranding their image.  We originally built this site 4 years ago.  This was fleshed out in HTML and CSS.  Finally convinced them to move to wordpress based platform.  I can’t wait to launch it!  Here is the back door.  Permission was given to list the link here prior to launching.

Here is the rebranding logo:


Technology Consulting Company Branding


Rachel Absher Photography – Business Spotlight

Innocence, Curiosity, Purity, FUN!!! These are just some of the words that describe what Rachel captures in her photographs. I was fortunate enough to work with Rachel in capturing her as she photographed a family on a rainy day. Ironically the theme of the photo-shoot was raindrops/playing in the rain. Rachel is an amazing photographer who is able to connect with her clients in a way that allows for her to capture their true personalities. She avoids the stale posing that traditional photographers use and this shines through her collections. You can see more of her work on her website: